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First Names Popularity

Knowing the origin and meaning of the name you wish to name your baby is very important. There are names whose meanings are none to flattering and there are others which may not describe exactly how you wish your child to be remembered.

Another (and as important) consideration when finding that perfect name for baby is the popularity of the name. Some names are fads that come and go with the whims of a generation, while others are names that are considered frumpy and old.


Finding that perfect balance between youthful yet lasting is one that is not to be taken without careful consideration.

Below is a listing of names and their popularities, both male and female and from different countries. As more data becomes available, we will be sure to update the web site with the latest information on the popularity of names.


American First Names Popularity
(Birth Names for 2010)
Rank Boy Last
Girl Last 
1 Jacob 1 Isabella 1
2 Ethan 2 Sophia 4
3 Michael 3 Emma 2
4 Jayden 8 Olivia 3
5 William 5 Ava 5
6 Alexander 4 Emily 6
7 Noah 9 Abigail 8
8 Daniel 7 Madison 7
9 Aiden 12 Chloe 9
10 Anthony 11 Mia 10

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