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Names Meanings: An Introduction


Life is one of the most influential things (if not the most important) your parents gave to you, and it was the first gift given to you as a baby. I have always been interested in the meaning of names and their origins, less commonly known as onomatology or etymology. Going beyond the meaning and origin of names (given here in this web site), one finds a world of cultures gone by (LatinCelticAnglo-Saxon, etc...) and cultures that have been around for centuries (GreekArabicHebrew, etc...) and the influences of politics, war and ever-changing likes and dislikes throughout the years.

Thousands of years ago, names that came from the Bible and the Koran are as popular as ever now as they were over 2000 years ago (many Christian names have since been Anglicized). Other cultures go back even eons further back in time such as the names from the Chinese and India. Whether we know it or not, names we use today come from all over the globe and I have tried to give some insight into these names, their meanings, and where originally they came from.

Another wonderful web site as both are wonderful references for names, meanings, origins, and popularity and we have on many occasions used his site as a reference for our site when our resources did not find the information needed by the people who contacted us with a question of a meaning of a name.

Whether you are using this web site as a reference for school or other project or are just curious about what your name (and the name of your friends and family) means, I sincerely hope this site will be of interest and have value for you.

If you have a name that is not in the database, please feel free to e-mail me with the name and any information you may have on the name at Also if you have any questions, suggestions, or comments we would love to hear from you!